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Editorial Essay

The Complex Relationship Between Data and Artistic Vision

It is no secret that technology has shifted the world as we know it. From the way in which smartphones rule our existence to social media forging communities and communications we never knew possible, it’s a tech-centric, tech-devoted world we live in
Designer lahore

Harris Masood

Celestial compositions fall in alignment with organic textures of the earth, with marbling and cracked surfaces serving as embellishments
Designer london

Cindy Zhang

Enthusiasm, inspired by the era of modern cities, retrospective historical, let the inspiration drift into the past and discover the future
Designer portugal

Gonçalo Peixoto

At the centre is the woman, eager to become free from her reality and social norms, and to express her individuality
Designer riga

One Wolf

A story about a Man named Lander who has landed on Planet Earth reflecting on longing for Earth – for a home; inspired by real space missions in which astronauts have had to spend over a year away from their homes and families
Fashion Film

S n o : w

My designs are subconsciously based on my background even though inspirations may come from anything in the world.
Designer amsterdam

Karime Salame

A collection of coats with double functionality: as space providers and triggers of interaction
Designer shenzhen

Xiaoping Huang

The incomplete perfectionism “Who are you, incomplete heart, uncertain spirits”
Fashion Film

Translating the Force of Nature into Sensibility

We Translate the Force of Nature into Sensibility. This is Lana Serena. Based in Barcelona, we design unique statement pieces, made from the finest responsible wool, handmade and manufactured in Spain.
Designer lagos

Orange Culture

The Lagosian designer matches a self-aware and expressive design technique with contemporary Western silhouettes, and a distinctly African sensibility
Blackboard Message

WORTH Partnership Project 2018

Call out for applicants to apply! The project aims to develop new design based products across European and COSME countries through cross-border and cross-discipline collaborations
Designer london

Jule Waibel

Obsessed with pleated patterns and transforming structures, combining objects, fashion and performance with a strong focus on geometric shapes and aesthetics
Designer beirut

Nour Daher

Reminiscing over old scenes of Beirut, the collection translates the vintage feel of the past into fresh and sophisticated looks focusing on innovative textiles and modern silhouettes
Designer prague

Katerina Reich

Freely inspired by the mesmerizing world of art, elegance and the ancient traditions of Japan
Editorial Designer Focus

Designer Focus: Cat + King

Get to know the creative forces behind the New York City-based label, Cat + King
Designer bangkok

TandT Bangkok

Designer Thanawut Thanasarnvimon blends contemporary, silhouettes with lush, exotic decoration; bringing a fresh perspective to Thai fashion
Designer berlin

Admir Kapich

A modern reinterpretation to old glamour combined with contemporary designs; everything starts with memories
Fashion Film

The Sleeping Field by That Jam

Created by directing duo Joe Beverley and Sam Hurlock, The Sleeping Field is a drama-filled short between dream and reality
Editorial Designer Focus

My Favourite Piece: Young n Sang

Building a collection is a very personal process for each and every designer—and many items have their own story and deeper meaning. In our new series, My Favourite Piece, we ask designers about a particular item in their collection, aiming to shed light on the connection between designers and the clothing they craft
Fashion Film

Not(e) for a Dreamer by Enrico Poli

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Enrico Poli, in collaboration with Italian label M O N O - Y, Not(e) for a Dreamer is a stunning coming-of-age film, using the changing of seasons as a reflection of the transition from childhood into adulthood
Designer london

Tong Zhu

This collection inspired by inuit culture. The designer wants to mix elegance and sporty together
Designer tel-aviv

Born From Rock

Different compositional elements which relate to each other in an odd yet harmonious way, continuing our exploration of juxtapositions between flow and stiffness
Designer dubai

Anton Storey

A label that epitomizes a modernist design approach with a consistent focus on refined forward thinking womenswear; together with a dedication to impeccable products, each collection combines timeless shapes with reinterpreted iconic pieces
Designer tokyo


One of this Tokyo brand's strength is the printing technique and fabric manipulation to cherish the "visual touch" of the clothes
Designer manila

Wilbur Lang

Inspired by Little Briar Rose, the original version of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty originally published by Charles Perrault, this collection tells the story of a princess, a sleeping enchantment, and a handsome prince in a darker, twisted plot
Designer los angeles

Nicole Shante

This collaboration was created to excel a culture, inspire + empower women of color, multi-cultural women and women of all races
Designer budapest

Anna Daubner

Budapest-based label reflects a sense of ethereal grace combined with the courage of playfulness
Designer beirut

Rafa Homme

Man is an organic unity. The whole universe is a cosmic unity. Life itself is not divided; Life itself is a unity
Designer new york

Taliah Andrea

This collection is an ode to those strong, powerful, resilient dreamers who made the brave decision to cross seas and borders to build new lives in a country they can now call home
Designer naples


Inspired by the Californian landscapes with clear references from the 70s
Designer brisbane

Emily Giles

Raised in a small rural town, where clothing is seldom sold; QUT Graduate Emily Giles’ is heavily inspired by traditional handi-crafts whereby these techniques are passed down to younger generations. Her enthusiasm for fashion developed from the rural lifestyle and showing her artistic flare through visual arts at school
Designer vilnius

Morta Nakaite

Through intuitive connections I seek to convey a nostalgic atmosphere, oscillations of memories and to highlight the bright sadness as an authentic feature of Lithuaniannessiunas
Designer barcelona

Lana Serena

Inspired by the grandness of nature and the intensity and sensibility in all its diversity
Designer taiwan

Ivan Shih

Inspired by Indian traditional tribal totem, with Indian "Two Spirit" as the design starting point
Designer amsterdam


The expansion of one's own identity through an intercultural encounter
Designer ljubljana

Tijana Todorovic

Inspired by Slovenian national heritage; handmade, zero waste, screen printed and hand printed with floral motives
Designer lisbon

Fair Retail

The landscapes, colors and themes the from the Sorrentino film "Youth" set the starting point of this collection, which is designed for an ageless audience
Designer athens

Eleni Kyriacou

Translating the essence of design concepts into fashion through the innovative use of textile and form
Designer new york


Inspired by the basic idea of self-encouragement and thinking about how many hating words we live within society and how it actually brings negative impact on individuals
Designer Leicestershire

Ludmila Whittaker

Highly focused on big data and our exposure to screen time within the modern digital society, and the subconscious effect this has on our interests, behaviours and characters
Event 3 June 2018 to 6 June 2018

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Having recently celebrated 25 years, Graduate Fashion Week is one of the world’s most important sources of new talent for the global design industry
Designer boston

Nathalia Jmag

Inspired by the Fra Angelico exhibit at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum specifically paintings of Virgin Mary
Designer arnhem

Lawin Ramelinck

Aux Merveilleuses. Marvelous women. The Merveilleuses where the female counterparts of the Incroyables, a fashionable aristocratic subculture in Paris in the late 18th century
Designer paris

Ksrt Studio

Focusing on sharing values between tradition and modernization, creating a cloakroom with hybrid materials that gives each piece a particular volume, feel and look
Designer rio de janeiro

Karine Fouvry

Fluidity of fabrics and drama of the shapes, this collection was inspired by a bohemian muse; mysterious and sensual
Event 22 June 2018

Fashion Law Masterclass 2018 at The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

This one-day intensive masterclass will take you through the features of fashion law and offer a practical understanding of the law of intellectual property, including a straightforward introduction to copyright, trademark & design rights, as it applies to the business of fashion
Designer kiev


"To illuminate other people by light, you need to carry the sun inside you ...!" Light is associated with something eternal and bearing life
Designer singapore

Wai Yang

A reinterpretation of youth's problems such as social issues, drawing inspiration from the movie "The Doom Generation"
Designer saint petersburg


A menswear brand with elegant minimalistic cut and monochrome color palette that fully reflects its concept
Designer taipei

Ray Chu

Ray Chu offers a unique sense of aesthetic through his vision focusing on orchestrating the imagination with the most diverting understated details
Event 16 May 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018

The Summit aims to create a common understanding and gain industry-wide commitment on the most critical issues facing our industry and planet
Designer lodz


The entire collection has a 1990s feel, it is characterized by loose silhouettes, wide shoulders, tucks and ruffles juxtaposed with soft, fluid lines that envelop the body
Designer new york

Wei Hung Chen

Being a fashion designer is no longer as simple as creating a fantasy, but also to raise awareness towards this ongoing crisis and possibly resolve it
Editorial Competitions

Łódź Young Fashion Award 2018: Designer Callout

The international contest is addressed to young fashion designers (born after 1988) from all over the world - especially students and graduates of art and fashion design schools - and all those for whom design is a passion. The winner will receive the MANEQUINE 2018 statuette and a financial prize of 30,000 EURO, funded by the City of Łódź.
Designer helsinki

Anni Ruuth

Reflecting the moment when it’s time to lose control and forget the impression of perfectionism
Editorial Essay

The Road To Excess Leads To The Palace Of Wisdom, Or Does It?

Do you smell that? Something is rotting away in the court of fashion and luxury and we need to stem the disease; to stop the endless feeding frenzy of production that we are trapped in 12 seasons a year
Designer tokyo

Viviano Sue

Voluminous silhouettes, flamboyant fabrics, dulcet radiance and softness to the touch
Designer amsterdam

Sarah Bruylant

The love story of a woman living in a fashion utopian world that meets a man who is different from everyone she met before
Designer new york

Queenie Cao

Inspired by finding unrelated or impossible things to make possible, and balance fake and surreal, romantic and gothic, beauty and horror, and something twisted inside but interesting
Designer milan

Sira Milano

No words needed, you feel the fresh air with every part of your skin, the time has stopped just for you