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Designer new york

Katherine Jacobson

This collection celebrates the beauty of Human Connection through an exploration of textile manipulations including fusing, tying, linking, layering, looping, and wrapping
Designer cracow

Załucka Kuczera

Purity of white on green grass, shine on a water surface. Family get-away... but not too far not to give up the suit
Designer paris

Sainte Courtisane

Saintecourtisane's designs outline a free and contemporary femininity
Designer kiev

L.A.B by Ternovskaya

A reflection of views from the life as a child – it is all emotional, careless and uninhibited. Each image embodies a joy in simple perception of this world. Adults lose their ability to enjoy simple things: a passing by butterfly, summer rain with a rainbow, when you blow on a dandelion and get a wild delight
Designer belgrade

Tara Lalic

The main inspiration for this collection was from two books; 'Brave New World' and '1984' from Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. The books are well known for their vision of the future, and my collection is my vision of the future
Editorial Industry

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 16

A monthly curated video selection by Niccolò Montanari: With the world seemingly moving at increasingly faster pace, it’s important to take some time to explore and address the issues that we as humans and as a global society are currently facing
Designer montevideo


This season we look at Iceland, a land of extreme dualities where volcanoes and glaciers look back at each other defiantly. Home to impossible landscapes, never-ending cascades, cushiony meadows and precious wild life. Iceland is a celebration of discovery
Designer bangkok

Shone Puipia

Sartorial storytelling through rough femininity; the identity of the woman continues to evolve and transform
Designer paris


Tremblepierre kimono cements its position somewhere between tradition and modernity; a balanced mix of luxury and casual, it becomes an armor that we wear in any season
Designer new york

Pangea Kali Virga

Spirit house featuring pieces from the pieces of me collection; Pangea Kali Virga continues to push her work, collaborating in multiple mediums with artists and musicians alike
Designer dnepropetrovsk

Laksmi By Maryana Steshenko

Laconism and femininity with geometric cuts, architectural silhouettes, and versatility
Designer london

Akville Jancauskaite

Mixed up fragments of technical urban streetwear with references to 60's inspired 90's scene
Designer taiwan

Jenn Lee

Combining the edgy and casual Taiwan, transforming inspirations into modern women silhouettes
Event 9 May 2018 to 13 May 2018

London Craft Week

This annual event showcases the very best international and British creativity and craftsmanship through a ‘beyond luxury’ journey-of-discovery
Designer athens


By the aid of a telescope anyone may behold this in a manner which so distinctly appeals to the senses that all the disputes which have tormented philosophers through so many ages are exploded at once by the irrefragable evidence of our eyes
Fashion Film

Meet Me In Another World

The story of a woman living in a fashion utopian world and discovers ours. Her fashion universe is a place where people wear crazy, bright, bold fashion. A kind of fashion which is on the edge of being art that is able to transport viewers and wearers to another place amongst the galaxy or one that is parallel.
Designer porto alegre

Julianna Fraccaro

With passion and curiosity; a minimalistic, contemporary approach reinventing what is missing
Fashion Film

Arrival of The Birds

Celebrating the beauty of human connection through an exploration of textile manipulations including fusing, tying, linking, layering, looping, and wrapping.
Designer los angeles

Fleur et Rosée

Traveling back to the 1860's with Scarlett O’Hara and scenes from “Gone With the Wind” are the inspirations of this collection
Fashion Film

入圍 Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 影展

Re-projecting Taiwan’s golden 90's street, weaving its visual content with different materials. Bulk amount of collage and montage, avoiding any plans, probes courage and creative through [randomness] and [coincidental]. The work also alludes to ideas of freedom, describing everyday life, photos, symbols, advertisements etcetera; bringing us back to the clash of culture between Japan and America.
Designer rome

Wàla Lab

We must all be revolutionaries; by the act of revolution, the individual spontaneously and instantly liberates their own powers bursting into life with a vital dynamic which spreads using a positive energy
Designer london

Melodie Bright

A collection based on research into London’s bike messengers and courier drivers. Forming silhouettes at the ways in which people commute, and how it has an impact on their clothing
Designer london

Nana Gotti

Awakening of the Iznik tulips inspired by Istanbul and its beautiful, historic mosques
Designer new york


Inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 90’s electronic duo Drexciya, as well as Paul Gilroy’s, The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness, the L’E Collection creates stories and characters of the mythical, deep sea underworld interweaving alchemy & mysticism inspiring archetypes and their forms of transformation
Designer london

Daniel Pascal Tanner

Neo Romantic silhouettes are given a contemporary touch when conflated with surreal exaggerations in proportion and experimental pallets that explore boundaries of taste and the sensibilities of chic
Designer berlin

Victoire Laffineur

Inspired by nature and the ideas of water pollution, contamination, invasion, environmental news, the process of death and degradation
Designer belgrade

Jovana Markovic

A fusion of luxurious and timeless sophistication exacted with contemporary conviction
Designer kiev


Pioneering yet utilitarian, Dzhus’ visual identity derives from innovative structural solutions
Designer lviv


Every physical object, especially in the biological world, has its own inner world, its own core. However, it is usually hidden and inaccessible
Designer salvador

Gefferson Vila Nova Label

A dip into futuristic aesthetics and a new universe of sportswear
Designer bangkok

Oyster Footwear

Inspired by infusing contemporary and minimalistic designs into accessories and turning them into pieces of art
Designer milan

The Original Gang Of Tailors

Continuing to explore the dualism of yin and yang within the oriental masculinity
Designer milan

Tiziano Guardini

Winner of The Franca Sozzani Green Carpet Challenge Award for Best Emerging Designer
Designer london

Johanna Parv

Inspired by classical womenswear techniques and tailoring, Johanna Parv makes it her own by mixing it with surrealistic and playful twists
Designer leipzig

We are Kal

Function and: Fabric. As eri silk is one of our two raw materials we spent a lot of time discovering its strengths and own qualities, its drape and characteristics
Designer cairo

Maison Saédi

Inspired by the pharaonic lotus flower shape for Maison Saédi muse "Sachmis" the Egyptian ancient goddess for fire, dance, healing and war
Designer athens

Alexia Raisi

Inspired by the diverse systems of this planet, contradictions of water bodies and desert dunes, wind patterns and rock formations, dense canopies and snow plains
Designer milan

Moulage-Margherita Cottafavi

Inspired by a woman fascinated with the aesthetics and lifestyle of the ‘30s, who fearlessly dares to stand out
Designer lagos

Liam Nigeria

Bush Boy Series by Liam Nigeria
Designer london

Verity Germer

Fashioned to remove wastage and allow for form and function to be integrated into the shape without forcing fabrics
Event 3 June 2018 to 6 June 2018

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Having recently celebrated 25 years, Graduate Fashion Week is one of the world’s most important sources of new talent for the global design industry
Designer boston

Nathalia Jmag

Inspired by the Fra Angelico exhibit at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum specifically paintings of Virgin Mary
Designer arnhem

Lawin Ramelinck

Aux Merveilleuses. Marvelous women. The Merveilleuses where the female counterparts of the Incroyables, a fashionable aristocratic subculture in Paris in the late 18th century
Designer paris

Ksrt Studio

Focusing on sharing values between tradition and modernization, creating a cloakroom with hybrid materials that gives each piece a particular volume, feel and look
Designer rio de janeiro

Karine Fouvry

Fluidity of fabrics and drama of the shapes, this collection was inspired by a bohemian muse; mysterious and sensual
Event 22 June 2018

Fashion Law Masterclass 2018 at The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

This one-day intensive masterclass will take you through the features of fashion law and offer a practical understanding of the law of intellectual property, including a straightforward introduction to copyright, trademark & design rights, as it applies to the business of fashion
Designer kiev


"To illuminate other people by light, you need to carry the sun inside you ...!" Light is associated with something eternal and bearing life
Designer singapore

Wai Yang

A reinterpretation of youth's problems such as social issues, drawing inspiration from the movie "The Doom Generation"
Designer saint petersburg


A menswear brand with elegant minimalistic cut and monochrome color palette that fully reflects its concept
Designer taipei

Ray Chu

Ray Chu offers a unique sense of aesthetic through his vision focusing on orchestrating the imagination with the most diverting understated details
Event 16 May 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018

The Summit aims to create a common understanding and gain industry-wide commitment on the most critical issues facing our industry and planet
Designer lodz


The entire collection has a 1990s feel, it is characterized by loose silhouettes, wide shoulders, tucks and ruffles juxtaposed with soft, fluid lines that envelop the body
Designer new york

Wei Hung Chen

Being a fashion designer is no longer as simple as creating a fantasy, but also to raise awareness towards this ongoing crisis and possibly resolve it
Editorial Competitions

Łódź Young Fashion Award 2018: Designer Callout

The international contest is addressed to young fashion designers (born after 1988) from all over the world - especially students and graduates of art and fashion design schools - and all those for whom design is a passion. The winner will receive the MANEQUINE 2018 statuette and a financial prize of 30,000 EURO, funded by the City of Łódź.
Designer helsinki

Anni Ruuth

Reflecting the moment when it’s time to lose control and forget the impression of perfectionism
Editorial Essay

The Road To Excess Leads To The Palace Of Wisdom, Or Does It?

Do you smell that? Something is rotting away in the court of fashion and luxury and we need to stem the disease; to stop the endless feeding frenzy of production that we are trapped in 12 seasons a year
Designer tokyo

Viviano Sue

Voluminous silhouettes, flamboyant fabrics, dulcet radiance and softness to the touch
Designer amsterdam

Sarah Bruylant

The love story of a woman living in a fashion utopian world that meets a man who is different from everyone she met before
Designer new york

Queenie Cao

Inspired by finding unrelated or impossible things to make possible, and balance fake and surreal, romantic and gothic, beauty and horror, and something twisted inside but interesting
Designer milan

Sira Milano

No words needed, you feel the fresh air with every part of your skin, the time has stopped just for you