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Designer new york

Katherine Jacobson

This collection celebrates the beauty of Human Connection through an exploration of textile manipulations including fusing, tying, linking, layering, looping, and wrapping
Designer cracow

Załucka Kuczera

Purity of white on green grass, shine on a water surface. Family get-away... but not too far not to give up the suit
Designer paris

Sainte Courtisane

Saintecourtisane's designs outline a free and contemporary femininity
Designer kiev

L.A.B by Ternovskaya

A reflection of views from the life as a child – it is all emotional, careless and uninhibited. Each image embodies a joy in simple perception of this world. Adults lose their ability to enjoy simple things: a passing by butterfly, summer rain with a rainbow, when you blow on a dandelion and get a wild delight
Designer belgrade

Tara Lalic

The main inspiration for this collection was from two books; 'Brave New World' and '1984' from Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. The books are well known for their vision of the future, and my collection is my vision of the future
Editorial Industry

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 16

A monthly curated video selection by Niccolò Montanari: With the world seemingly moving at increasingly faster pace, it’s important to take some time to explore and address the issues that we as humans and as a global society are currently facing
Designer montevideo


This season we look at Iceland, a land of extreme dualities where volcanoes and glaciers look back at each other defiantly. Home to impossible landscapes, never-ending cascades, cushiony meadows and precious wild life. Iceland is a celebration of discovery
Designer bangkok

Shone Puipia

Sartorial storytelling through rough femininity; the identity of the woman continues to evolve and transform
Designer paris


Tremblepierre kimono cements its position somewhere between tradition and modernity; a balanced mix of luxury and casual, it becomes an armor that we wear in any season
Designer new york

Pangea Kali Virga

Spirit house featuring pieces from the pieces of me collection; Pangea Kali Virga continues to push her work, collaborating in multiple mediums with artists and musicians alike
Designer dnepropetrovsk

Laksmi By Maryana Steshenko

Laconism and femininity with geometric cuts, architectural silhouettes, and versatility
Designer london

Akville Jancauskaite

Mixed up fragments of technical urban streetwear with references to 60's inspired 90's scene
Designer taiwan

Jenn Lee

Combining the edgy and casual Taiwan, transforming inspirations into modern women silhouettes
Event 9 May 2018 to 13 May 2018

London Craft Week

This annual event showcases the very best international and British creativity and craftsmanship through a ‘beyond luxury’ journey-of-discovery
Designer athens


By the aid of a telescope anyone may behold this in a manner which so distinctly appeals to the senses that all the disputes which have tormented philosophers through so many ages are exploded at once by the irrefragable evidence of our eyes
Fashion Film

Meet Me In Another World

The story of a woman living in a fashion utopian world and discovers ours. Her fashion universe is a place where people wear crazy, bright, bold fashion. A kind of fashion which is on the edge of being art that is able to transport viewers and wearers to another place amongst the galaxy or one that is parallel.
Designer porto alegre

Julianna Fraccaro

With passion and curiosity; a minimalistic, contemporary approach reinventing what is missing
Fashion Film

Arrival of The Birds

Celebrating the beauty of human connection through an exploration of textile manipulations including fusing, tying, linking, layering, looping, and wrapping.
Designer los angeles

Fleur et Rosée

Traveling back to the 1860's with Scarlett O’Hara and scenes from “Gone With the Wind” are the inspirations of this collection
Fashion Film

入圍 Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 影展

Re-projecting Taiwan’s golden 90's street, weaving its visual content with different materials. Bulk amount of collage and montage, avoiding any plans, probes courage and creative through [randomness] and [coincidental]. The work also alludes to ideas of freedom, describing everyday life, photos, symbols, advertisements etcetera; bringing us back to the clash of culture between Japan and America.
Designer london

Tong Zhu

This collection inspired by inuit culture. The designer wants to mix elegance and sporty together
Designer tel-aviv

Born From Rock

Different compositional elements which relate to each other in an odd yet harmonious way, continuing our exploration of juxtapositions between flow and stiffness
Designer dubai

Anton Storey

A label that epitomizes a modernist design approach with a consistent focus on refined forward thinking womenswear; together with a dedication to impeccable products, each collection combines timeless shapes with reinterpreted iconic pieces
Designer tokyo


One of this Tokyo brand's strength is the printing technique and fabric manipulation to cherish the "visual touch" of the clothes
Designer manila

Wilbur Lang

Inspired by Little Briar Rose, the original version of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty originally published by Charles Perrault, this collection tells the story of a princess, a sleeping enchantment, and a handsome prince in a darker, twisted plot
Designer los angeles

Nicole Shante

This collaboration was created to excel a culture, inspire + empower women of color, multi-cultural women and women of all races
Designer budapest

Anna Daubner

Budapest-based label reflects a sense of ethereal grace combined with the courage of playfulness
Designer beirut

Rafa Homme

Man is an organic unity. The whole universe is a cosmic unity. Life itself is not divided; Life itself is a unity
Designer new york

Taliah Andrea

This collection is an ode to those strong, powerful, resilient dreamers who made the brave decision to cross seas and borders to build new lives in a country they can now call home
Designer naples


Inspired by the Californian landscapes with clear references from the 70s
Designer brisbane

Emily Giles

Raised in a small rural town, where clothing is seldom sold; QUT Graduate Emily Giles’ is heavily inspired by traditional handi-crafts whereby these techniques are passed down to younger generations. Her enthusiasm for fashion developed from the rural lifestyle and showing her artistic flare through visual arts at school
Designer vilnius

Morta Nakaite

Through intuitive connections I seek to convey a nostalgic atmosphere, oscillations of memories and to highlight the bright sadness as an authentic feature of Lithuaniannessiunas
Designer barcelona

Lana Serena

Inspired by the grandness of nature and the intensity and sensibility in all its diversity
Designer taiwan

Ivan Shih

Inspired by Indian traditional tribal totem, with Indian "Two Spirit" as the design starting point
Designer amsterdam


The expansion of one's own identity through an intercultural encounter
Designer ljubljana

Tijana Todorovic

Inspired by Slovenian national heritage; handmade, zero waste, screen printed and hand printed with floral motives
Designer lisbon

Fair Retail

The landscapes, colors and themes the from the Sorrentino film "Youth" set the starting point of this collection, which is designed for an ageless audience
Designer athens

Eleni Kyriacou

Translating the essence of design concepts into fashion through the innovative use of textile and form
Designer new york


Inspired by the basic idea of self-encouragement and thinking about how many hating words we live within society and how it actually brings negative impact on individuals
Designer Leicestershire

Ludmila Whittaker

Highly focused on big data and our exposure to screen time within the modern digital society, and the subconscious effect this has on our interests, behaviours and characters
Designer berlin


Belle époque collection is taking the past beyond itself to transcend to a new dimension, a review of a blurry flemish painting...printings, patterns, textures, and structure
Designer london

Aucarre Skalidaki

Inspired by the Greek mythology and specifically from the story of Narcissus a male figure who was so impossibly handsome that he falls in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water
Designer los angeles


Combining a dire need for sustainability with our love for the limitless, Ziran offers timeless luxury pieces that mix traditional fabrics with modern silhouettes
Designer new york


A collection inspired by investigating children’s imagination; absurd, but with a lot of strong potentials
Designer dhaka


An ode to minimalism and classicism, with a touch of quirk
Designer utrecht


A collection derived from a personal experience of merging cultural behaviors driven by the thought of contrast and elegance
Designer dubai


Celebrating freedom through a bohemian spirit; a spirit that is unconventional, creative and expressive
Designer shanghai


Neither following the trends nor fashion but continuously working to build its own aesthetic form of beauty
Designer milan

Luigi Veccia

Inspired by the sensuality and the exuberance of the parthenopean women; the bright colors and the insolent juxtaposition
Designer moscow


The embodiment of style, tenderness and comfort focused on conceptual everyday style
Designer los angeles

Dushyant Asthana

Celebrating the greatness of the desert
Designer madrid

Inunez Studio

The games of colors and contrasts are reminiscent of the chromatic use of the art-deco painting that Lempicka worked on
Designer belgrade

Dragana Mihajlovic

A gentle, edgy, romantic and very feminine alternative to the traditional white gown
Designer vicenza

Post Tradition

Inspired by Japanese bondage, whilst deliberately taking a step back from it
Designer new york

Chia Lee

Found in the crooks and corners of the streets in Malaysia, there are establishments that offer a glimpse into the country’s heritage and the locals know it as “Kopitiam”
Designer new york

Sergio Wonder

A brand that resurrects the world of contemporary menswear by reinvigorating the key intersection between tradition and effortless attitude
Designer berlin

Sepideh Ahadi

Adventures of a Darvish is a collection based on the philosophy of Sufis and Dervishes of Iran, surrounding the ephemerality of our life
Designer Perm

Yana Besfamilnaya

Inspired by hippie aesthetics and such movements as Women’s March and Time’s Up, Yana Besfamilnaya created the collection to pay tribute and declare the love to all women, no exceptions
Designer Luxembourg


The designer was aiming to transmit the naivety and carefreeness unique to a child, using fashion as a form of escapism
Designer london

By Lukwago

The collection is inspired by the Scandinavian winters the contrast between black and white, it tells a story about the environment, How thing are not always as straight as what it seems that there is always more to the story