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los angeles / united states

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united states

Founder, Jillian Maddocks, has a lifelong background in illustration and painting. 323 was founded in 2015 as part of her art practice and a way to connect with other creatives through intimate collaboration. It has now become a way to connect with a community of conscious-minded consumers who are thinking differently about the way they buy.

Jillian’s hopeful mission is for these garments to be used as a tool for true self expression. The brand is additionally positioned as a means to discuss, as well as fight against climate change and social injustices.

323 is produced ethically at Nana Atelier in Los Angeles with sustainable materials.

Inspired by: emotional intelligence / making mistakes / minimalism / listening / individual sovereignty / collaboration / comfort / body positivity / california / rest / silence / dirt / softness / sleep / big sur / laughter / japanese food / her cats / everyone she loves / touch / tolerance / forgiveness / kindness

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