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Maggie Hutauruk-Eddy was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and lived in the Unites States for the total of 12 years.
From a young age, Maggie had an eye for eclectic design and art. She studied painting, pattern making, music, art history, and she further expanded her interest by studying art at Chestnut Hill College and Apparel Design at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence- Rhode Island.

She love travelling and visiting places rich with history and cultures, and that influences the way she compose her collection. Her designs is rich of colour, textures, and she always includes local street artist from Indonesia to be apart of her design project.Maggie also had a Master’s degree in Business from a Business School of Indonesia, which equipped her with skills to handle the various tasks of running a fashion and art business.

She has a 3 stories artisan gallery in a trendy area in Jakarta, Indonesia, also a fashion boutique in one of the major mall in South Jakarta.
She is currently living in Jakarta with her Australian husband and 2 children. She hopes to be able collaborate with American creative talents/ companies and to be able to have stockist for her collection in the U.S

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