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Creative Director, Maimoona Hussain is passionate, brimming with ideas and adopts a refreshing take on Eastern fashion for the modern woman. This sets a very distinctive tone to her label ‘2 Brunton’, one that is steeped in tradition whilst embracing a global contemporary fashion landscape.
A graduate of Esmod, French Fashion University, she brings a diverse set of geographic and cultural influences to her design process. In her own words “2 Brunton delivers a contemporary spin to what begin as traditional garments from the rich cultures across the east. I hope that the emphasis on elegance and style can bring these garments to an audience beyond traditional and geographic boundaries.” Maimoona’s creations have previously been showcased in Dubai, Karachi, Osaka, Berlin and Paris whilst having also won the prestigious Mercedes Benz Middle East Fashion Design Contest.
This quintessentially Eastern Luxury Ready-To-Wear label is undoubtedly made for those with an understated sense of style and a keen eye for quality combined with a playful passion for the unusual. A style that is unencumbered, unconstrained, tailored in a combination of high quality fabrics that refine modern living. Offering versatile separates that refer to but reinvent classic fashion lines. These are pieces that embody the beauty and mystery of the east from the days past but now conceptualised in a clean, minimalist, sophisticated aesthetic. This concept of sophistication and minimalism is further reflected in the brand’s focus on slow fashion by producing less content with an emphasis on timelessness.

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