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11.11/eleven eleven is the pret label of the parent company CellDSGN Pvt. Ltd. whose design vision and marketing initiatives are spearheaded by the entrepreneurs Shani Himanshu, Master’s in Fashion Design from Domus Academy, Milan and Mia Morikawa, Graphic Design graduate from Central Saint Martin’s University of the Arts, London.
11.11/eleven eleven has a stand-alone retail store in New Delhi (India) and a concept store in Tokyo (Japan). In addition, it also retails from 40 other multi-brand stores in India, Canada, Korea, USA & Japan.

What 11.11 represent:
eleven / eleven is a signifier for synchronicity – 1 specifically is the number of mastery according to numerologists. eleven / eleven mainly represents a continuous quest for mastery.

11.11/eleven eleven have consolidated its roots in the luxury space, while emphasizing on creating links between farmers, weavers, vegetable dyeing and block printing traditions. This resulted in a coherent and meaningful fashion garment line that created grounds for ethical products while ensuring sustainability of local strengths. The khadi way is the 11.11/eleven eleven vision to build meaningful things telling its story from seed to stitch.

11.11 / eleven eleven sings about using the body as a field of expression while opening a dialogue on a range of dualisms such as modernity and pre-modernity / urban and natural based in the tradition of HAND SPUN. All cotton fabric used by 11.11/eleven eleven are 100% HAND SPUN cotton and dyed in 100% natural dyes, HAND SPUN Denim, Kala cotton, 200 count HAND Cotton and Ahimsa Silk are few textiles used with 11.11’s signature.

• Awarded most sustainable brand in India in 2013 BY ELLE.
• Represented India in Art and Fashion at ARKEN Museum in Denmark 2014.
• Selected 50 brands ‘Agents of Change’ at State of Fashion Biennale at Arnhem
in Netherlands 2018.

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