Absolutely wearable garments with twisted or exaggerated elements such as poodle head wear. Mostly made of natural fibres, but the fur elements are synthetic as I do not use natural fur. Some of the garments are one-offs due to hand-made felt or applique elements which cannot be precisely copied (but of course can be copied not precisely). The inspiration comes from Grand Poodle dogs and their amazing hairstyle (it used to have an utilitarian function which turned throughout ages into a purely aesthetic (!) one and now is a slightly ridiculous remnant of old times). It is a very warm, soft and comfortable autumn/winter collection of long silk skirts, jacquard trousers, woolen sweaters, new wool and silk bourette coats, fur collars, and poodle head wear.

About the Designer

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Guga is based in N/A.

Guga is interested in music, art, human behavior, and folklore which are all reflected in her vision of clothes. She generally uses natural fibres but resigns of natural leather and fur in favor of synthetic ones.