Tomorrows Yesterdays is inspired by romantic, decorative Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau designers believed that all the arts should work in harmony, embracing the spirit world, fantasy, myth and natural forms. A twist on the Zoemou design feel, yet still strong and feminine, this collection features bold shapes, colours and materials. Featuring resin for the first time, this range has a gorgeous ornate feel, splashed with eye catching colours and details. For more information, visit our website at www.zoemou.com


About the Designer

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Zoe is based in Sydney, Australia. She studied at National Art School, East Sydney. Her collections are produced in Australia.

Founded by Zoe Sernack, Zoemou translates to ‘my life’, a childhood nickname given to Zoe whilst living on the Gerek Islands. A young Costa would come looking for his playmate; “Where is my Zoemou!”
Zoemou is inspired by art nouveau, reminiscent of 1920’s Paris. Zoe’s artistic background created a passion in jewelry, and this striking range of jewelry is now her constant creative outlet.
Stocked exclusively in boutiques in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, follow our updates on here, as well as Facebook and Twitter, or shop online at The Grand Social.