Collection “MASTERED WHIMS ” The starting point of my collection originated from two main sources of inspiration: the irregular, interwoven lines of nature and the straight lines of architectural constructions. My collection is based on a series of contrasts. Nature offers to the eye a succession of apparently desorderly lines bursting with unruly life. Occasionally these lines may cross each other and thus form new patterns. They may also never cross , as the branches of trees often do. On each of my dresses we find random patterns which don’t seem to follow a particular rule. A simple fabric such as organza is used to form “interwoven” patterns which are hand-sewn on to a slip. These patterns are there by chance, like so many bubbly shapes which move in various directions. They may overlap and create surprising new patterns or geometrical shapes : a triangle for instance. On the other hand, in order to control this unruly disorder, I use straight, neat, structured lines and flat, symmetrical shapes as can be found in ancient and contemporary architecture. I draw my inspiration from these structured lines to create neat, graphic, precise shapes which lay on the unruly ones or sometimes pass underneath as the branches of trees do. Sometines, the interwoven shapes give birth to flat geometrical ones. The colour range originated from the various shades of ”biscuit” ceramic : white, off white, nude and transparent. I also resorted to a little black and green to complete the collection. Green is the colour of grass. The coloured marks are died along a series of folds which reveal symmetrical, clear-cut, well constructed lines. The colour patterns are irregular and don’t repeat themselves, in a random, surprising manner. My work is an interplay of both random and mastered lines, both constructed and de-constructed. This collection is designed to please both the Grecian muse and the contemporary woman.

About the Designer

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yiyan is based in PARIS, France. She studied at STUDIO BERCOT PARIS and graduated in 2010. Her collections are produced in France.

Originally a graphic designer Zhou Yiyan decided in 2007 to move away from Shanghai to settle down in Paris and study fashion in Studio Berçot.
After two years of study at Studio Bercot, Yiyan began working in the studio in the maison LANVIN. Yiyan launched her first collection in 2012. She had the privilege of presenting at the Grand Prix of creation the city of Paris, in the E-Fashion Awards and design contest in China. Each time she was a finalist.
Her passion for ceramics has allowed her to create this first collection both white and pure.