YVY is trend and seasonal independent design; traditional craftsmanship meets innovation. Away from mass production towards carefully created pieces of art. YVY stands for selected materials and quality throughout the whole process of manufacturing. The “spirit” collection, entirely handmade out of italian vegetable tanned leather, proves how seductive sustainability can be. // While refining my leather skills in Florence, I lived in the quarter of Santo Spirito and I started wondering what that “spirit” is all about. It's meaning could never be fully grasped, as it has endless interpretations, dimensions and origins. But in the end it's "spiritus = breath" that gives life to everything. Spirit is eternal transformation. Searching for the origins of transformation of life, I got inspired by the first forms of living being, the trilobites, found in Ernst Haeckels book "Art forms in nature". I created a line of versatile, feminine accessories that can transform a simple dress into an exquisite and unique look. Detailed tracery and lacing combined with skillfully developed cuts melt into a transcendental pieces of craftsmanship. I transformed million years old sources of inspiration and century old tanning techniques and leathercraft to present a collection of contemporary designs. // Photography by Karine + Oliver


About the Designer

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Yvonne is based in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied at Fashion Design School Zurich, Scuola del Cuoio Firenze and graduated in 2008. Her collections are produced in Switzerland.

Yvonne Reichmuth was born in a small town in Switzerland in 1986. Twenty years later, Yvonne moved to Zurich to study fashion where she graduated with her "rock goddess" collection. With the thoughts of bringing a feminine touch to the roughness, an edge to the elegance, her label "YVY" (Yvonne’s nickname as a child) was born.
Several years of experience as a fashion stylist working for renowned photographers, magazines as well as on set for film productions, were ways to express her ideas and broaden her horizon. The collections "Bloom" and "Vampira" followed, wearable womenswear from silky dresses to leather jackets, all pieces handmade by the designer herself.
While leather was a part of every collection, Yvonne started to focus more and more on leathercrafting. Realizing that this material was fulfilling her desire to combine traditional handwork with modern design ideas, Yvonne created the "SKIN" collection, a unique line of leather accessories..
Exquisitely hand-crafted, only using the finest vegetable tanned leather, combined with delicate rivets, to create timeless art-pieces that never go out of style. Yvonne Reichmuth created two editions (black/nude) inspired from medieval armor from centuries past mixed with a kinky fetish twist. 
The bold and elegant designs challenge the function of accessories by ignoring the supplementary roles conventional accessories fulfill. SKIN was featured in exhibitions (London, Warsaw, NY, Zurich), various magazines (InStyle, Novembre, etc.) and videos (Avril Lavigne, etc.).
To make sure the next leather collection (coming in April 2014) will not only continue the success of her "SKIN" collection, but take her crafting skills and label to the next level, in 2013, Yvonne studied at "Scuola del Cuoio", a leather school with a long history, in Florence Italy. Invited by NJAL, YVY will present her new collection "Spirit" at the ORIGIN fair in may 2014.