The succinct feeling of crisp light, savageness, and sensitivity of masked ceremony in African image caught me. I wanted to show the sense of presence and absence of how one space can intrude into another. I created embossed textures made with invisible threads. This starting point led me to sensual yet raw and unrefined fabrics. By creating all patterns from scratch, and altering the sketch as I go, or simply draping without referencing garments until after the first draft toile, no basic block was used. It was pure creation with fabric. Although it was experimental, I try to create pieces that would feel comfortable when someone is actually wearing them, beautiful as separate pieces, and the headpieces show the worship of the spirit of isolation.


About the Designer


Victoria is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and graduated in 2012. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

Victoria Kwong exhibited her work at Premiere Vision, Paris twice and has a patent for a wood collar on shirt registered in Asia. Even though she is trained in a western environment, there is an inherent Asian touch in her work. Kwong is essentially innovative at its core and strives to produce beautiful and strong pieces that are ultimately sensual and feminine. Ancient culture with contemporary design and first world quality are what she would like to sustain in the long run as a brand. Her debut collection features predominantly full-length pieces in a subtle palette of light blue, cream, accentuated with black and volcanic orange, with arch inspired accessories.