TRIADIC BALLET SS12 by VIBE HARSLØF--- SQUARE-TRIANGLE-CIRCLE ----WOOD-PERSPEX-SILVER – those are the basic components of the SS12 collection by Vibe Harsløf. The inspirational sources are Oscar Schlemmers Bauhaus-­-ballet Triadisches Ballett and the avantgarde video to New Orders song True Faith. Within these universes the movements of dolls and puppets seem aesthetically superior to that of humans, which emphasises that the medium of every art is artificial. This artifice can still be expressed by stylising and adding abstraction to the human body. In the collection TRIADIC BALLET Vibe Harsløf’s consideration of the human form has led to experimentation with bodily ornamentation. Harsløf investigates the fine line between the depths of impulsive, creative urges–and the instrumentality of man and the body as a mechanism.

About the Designer


Vibe is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied at Meisterschule fuer Handwerk and graduated in 1995. Her collections are produced in Denmark.

Based in Copenhagen - DK, jewelry designer Vibe Harsløf’s style is of a rare kind, celebrated for her imaginative and urban jewelry. Harsløf’s universe is fearless and distinctively playful, which mirrors in her accessories, that are strongly influenced by contrasted gritty sub-cultures and classic Scandinavien design tradition. Hence the jewelry also functions as design objects,that holds the potential of becoming timeless. Vibe Harsløf’s design philosophy is simple; her intent is to create original jewelry of lasting quality. The look is clean and pure - nothing unnecessary is added. The designs must be wearable, but every collection is also innovative, challenging the established preconceptions of what constitutes an accessory. Vibe Harsløf has more than ten years experience as a jewelry designer, and her pieces are sold at selected boutiques around the world.
Words: Maria Kai