"Through the eyes of an Albino" In ancient times, albinos were hunted by witch-doctors for their body parts believed to have magical properties. For most animals, skin is functional, protecting against predators and injury. For albino animals, skin is a liability, leaving them vulnerable to nature. Their bright white skins also make it difficult to hide from predators. Albino animals are very rare in nature, and man has long had a fascination for these creatures since ancient times. Some cultures regard albinos as sacred animals, and they have even been the basis of great legends and folklore. The new Vernissage collection is a tribute to the incredible uniqueness of albinism. A re-edition of iconic pieces seen through the eyes of an albino.


About the Designer

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Vernissage is based in Milano, Italy. She studied at F.I.T New York.

Ilenia Corti created Vernissage in 2007 in collaboration with Matteo Mena. The two designers project their fantastic worlds in an uncontaminated space where creativity reigns, a surreal place, childlike but tangible, characterized by the contrast
between dream and reality. Vernissage is an invitation to assist to the show of Nature frozen in its vital tension, an image fading in time, a testimony of the memory of when small things were the most enchanting. Each jewel, each accessory crystallizes into a fragment of this fragile and mysterious universe; a black and white freeze frame of dusty gold filigrees, its spires trapping diamonds, agate, jade, amethyst, fragments of mother of pearl. The project finds its inspiration in the tension between a dream vision, childlike vitality and the pragmatism of the adult world, in the fascination of animals perennially
conserved in their prime in the glass cases of any Natural Science Museum, in the pictures of Sarah Moon, portraits of a nostalgic, melancholy nature that got lost in time, creatures from faded 18th-century illustrations of botany and entomology books which survived a natural catastrophe. The 2010 Vernissage collection of jewels and shoes with accessories in precious metals - each one custom made and unique - tells about insects camouflaged between leaves and twigs, of deer with white horns stuck in the tentacled branches of the trees, of small flying animals frozen on candid roses as they stopped and drank the morning dew. Diamonds in nuances from grey to black and the use of pink, yellow and burnished gold create a suggestion of ancient times, of lost beauty. With each new season the collections grow richer in new protagonists telling an eternal story: metamorphosis and the pain of evolution. Each collection, a chapter of a novel
told with images, is told in a video.