CLASS se pare de couleurs or et soleil, de milles éclats. Elle donne le ton et ensorcèle de magie. Ici CHROME se fait discret. Cette fois la marque allie technologie et miniaturisation. Nouvelle ère... Pas de limites ni de compromis, une saison taillée dans le vif. Pesanteur et Grâce s'entrechoquent.


About the Designer

VASKOLG's picture

Olga is based in Paris, France. Her collections are produced in France.

VASKOLG’s jewels-sculptures seduce the contemporary High-end jewelry thanks to the triptych Volume, Modularity, Function.
All the pieces lean on a craftsman know-how and a 15 years expertise. Jewels are all hand-made and produced in limited edition or are unique pieces completely "made in Paris".
They are essentially necklaces and bracelets, conjugated to the feminine as to the male.
Collections are subdivided into 3 ranges; CLASS, ready-to-wear line, the most sober, CHROME, the male and high-tech typified range and finally CULTE, the Haute-Couture line.