About the Designer


Valeriya is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied at Chelsea University of Arts London and graduated in 2011.

Zeitgeist woman is a femme fatale, a modern medusa. Her carefully constructed social identity is a fusion of contrast; hard/soft, romantic/ fetishised, freedom/ restriction. It's a reflection of her personal values, view of the world, mood,feeling, internal conflict.
Valeriyas aesthetic evolves around capturing these elements and reconstructing them though a language of texture, it's developed via continuous experimentation with materials and knit techniques. Her design process begins with mix media drawing & illustration. It embraces a fundamental inspiration, concept & mood, often a non tangible subject.
Valeriyas last collection looked at an element of duality by using double layers in ' Skelton ' dresses, using hand cut and weaver in strands of leather. Through manipulation they mimicked and exaggerated feminine form and musle. The bottom layer in a lace like pattern, delicately targeted visual illusion, creating an element of deception.