The collection My Modern Love that is presented today, is inspired by Paris in 1950-s “In those years Paris experienced its second birth, its new spring.That is why in my fantasies Paris is full of love fragrance, tender charm and elegance. This is the fragrance of morning crispy baguette. This is the smell of wet pavement in which there are reflected red rising sun rays and two silhouettes in love turning back home in the morning.This is the smell of lilies of the valley that are sold at the corner of Saint- Jermaine.This is the sound of heels and the rustle of tulip-shaped skirt flickering in the arc.” This is how Sasha Trofymenko explains his source of inspiration.


About the Designer

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Sasha is based in Milano, Italy. He studied at Istituto di Moda Burgo and graduated in 2012. His collections are produced in Ukraine.

The fundamental education, real connection between theory and practice let the brand’s designer Sasha Trofymenko make a serious claim among Ukrainian designers at the very beginning of his career.A clear understanding of the strategy of the trademark’s development, a selective attitude to the ways of promoting the brand, the Western school of the cuts, cloth and quality are the main “whales” that let him differ from others and compete with others.
His life and work take place between the Italian Sardinia and Kiev. Today there are 5 years of studying in one of the most prestigious Italian fashion universities Istituto di Moda Burgo behind Sasha’s shoulders, practicing with Roberto Cavalli. The very debut of Sasha Trofymenko took place last fall, exactly by that time he presented his full collection of the first women’s wear line under the TROFYMENKO brand in the framework of MBKFD in Ukraine.After the show a lot of mass media called Sasha the opening of the year.Alla Kostromicheva has become the first top-model who presented the brand and opened the show.