The idea begins from the illustrated storybook called “A Chance of Sunshine” by Jimmy Liao. From this illustrated storybook, the first idea that comes up is about the relationship between a man and a woman. This was chosen as the starting point for the concept. The color scheme for the collection goes back to the old tradition of colors representing genders. Blue represents a man and red represents a woman. As these two colours are often used to indicate a newborn baby boy or a girl, it is a fitting idea that they represent the play between masculinity and femininity in terms of both design and color for this collection. From this point the concept stems from the interesting application of red and blue hues. When placed together, the blue and red colors can remind one of the 3-D glasses that are apparent in anybody’s childhood. This idea is very interesting as it ties back into the story “A Chance of Sunshine” because the man and the woman are always on different sides, but seem to be focused on the same point, much like how the 3-D images are made to work. Two slightly different images that will never match up, but work together in harmony when seen through the lens of red and blue. Parallel and unparallel lines become to main concept of the design. Two of the jackets included in this collection will have the lapels facing towards the same side. All the lines on each of the lapels are parallel. This is the representation of two things that never ever meet for infinity. On the other hand, some of the designs include lines that are unparallel. Thus creating points at which some lines may cross over one another. Moreover, the multi-faceted lens that was researched can give one scene the ability to become a vision with multiple views and angles. The same idea has been worked into the design with some of the jackets in this collection. When you look at the jacket it seems as if one of the sides details are duplicated to the other side, through the application of creative pattern cutting.

About the Designer


Suphanut is based in London, United Kingdom. He studied at London College of Fashion. His collections are produced in United Kingdom.

Suphanut Suwansanya (SUP)
21 August 1980
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
-2005-2008 BA. Fashion design technology Menswear at University of the Arts,
London College of fashion, United Kingdom (1st Class Honours degree)
-2004-2005 Fashion Portfolio at University of the Arts,
London College of Fashion, United Kingdom
-1999-2002 BA. Economics at Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand
Professional Experience:
-2007 Studio Assistant:
Jean-Pierre Braganza, London (United Kingdom)
-2007 Studio Assistant:
Yuko Yoshitake, London (United Kingdom)
-2006 Design Consultant/Research Assistant/Styling:
Luke Youngblood (Final collection for Project Catwalk 2007, Finalist), London (United Kingdom)
-2006 Design Consultant, Studio Assistant:
Realistic Situation for Headquarter, Bangkok (Thailand)