Lillith´s collection is created trough concepts from the video-art Lucifer Rising of Keneth Angers . A collection that breathes a magical environvent and is full of symbols. It reminds of mythological gods and onirics places. Anger works with opposite complementaries and references from two different worlds that need one from each other to exist: Hell and Earth. Two very marked lines define the collection, constructed lines that represent the most earthly side, to the humanity, Earth and the Falling Angel, Lucifer. On other side a romantic and ethereal line inspired in the seventees where there clearly exists a passion for the exterior space. In these two lines there is and element that stands out, the cube,that reminds us of space dimensions. One represents the most defined side working the volume in leather and sticked out sleeves and the other line more subtle and vaporous transported to the silk.

About the Designer


Laura is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at ESDI. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

Laura Sierra is a fashion designer who after finishing his studies at the School of Arts and Design ESDI in Barcelona begin to work as an assistant for Martin Lamothe. She is the winner of the contest from Spain Converse New Talents. She currently lives in London where she is assistant for the brand Bambibylaura.