Altiplano Trousers

CYCLELAND (São Paulo, Brazil)
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Large (Waist): 80 cm / 31 in
97% Viscose
3% Elastane
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The Altiplano Trousers are the perfect balance between basic and bold, function and fashion. They boast a comfortable, soft texture, great fit and cut-outs at the knees. The result is a pair of pants with attitude and flexibility.

Simultaneously suggesting arid and glaring landscapes, the Cena de Sal (Salt's Scene) collection shows this essential idea in a positive way, revealing and potentialising the observer's sensations. This was the starting point to our choice of prints, textures and shapes; where it is possible to find the soft towel touch of jersey invaded by arid landscapes and shapes descending from the daily use of a bike. Movement and flexibility are the key elements of each piece in this collection. Light textures from crepe to double knit jersey harmonise with jacquard fabrics. Colours present a raw nature and include browns, coppers, beiges, whites, greys and blacks. Tops have a modern fit that make them unisex, thick cuffs contrast with the lightness of sleeves and collars become scarves to protect against the weather. The result is a collection with a simple and strong aesthetic, that shows images, shapes, prints and sensations that materialise the experience, making it possible that everyone is able to live it individually.