Oracle Oversized Shirt

LUCA_MICHELE (London, United Kingdom)
£350.00€442.00, $594.00, ¥60,533.00
One Size To Fit:
UK: 8-14
French: 36-42
Italian: 40-46
US: 4-10
Main: 100% Cotton
Detail: Suede Leather
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Oversized white shirt made of cotton with draped layers of high quality black suede leather. There is a semi detached panel on the front left and a press fastener button detail on the back and on the cuffs to give a sporty finish. The sleeves are partly open with elongated cuff details covering part of the hand. There is a symmetric layer semi-detached on the back of the shirt and the left side of the shirt is partly open. Care instructions: Dry clean only.

The Oracle Oversized Shirt is from the Machina collection. It was inspired by technology and transforming the ideas of contemporary society through a unique vision into modern creations. The research was inspired by the metal scraps found in junkyards and the deconstructed forms they take as well as metal sculptures. The technical fabric used has been sourced from the most technological materials available. The result is a sophisticated collection with each garment having distinctive characteristics.