Silver Owl Talon Ring

EILISAIN_JEWELRY (Greenville, United States)
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Sterling Silver
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Call upon the power and strength of birds of prey with a talon cocktail ring. The hunted owl talon ring is not for the faint of heart; it's fierce and cool. There is a delicate and striking combination of oxidised (blackened) sterling silver and high shine of the talon. This ring was handmade in Greenville, North Carolina. Care instructions: May be stored with other silver jewellery. To prevent further oxidation, store with chalk. To bring back a high shine, use an old soft shirt and rub the talons or you may take it to your local jewellery repair shop to have the ring buffed and polished. Your order will be packaged in an Eilisain gift box and a hand screen-printed gift bag.

"To the ancient Greeks the owl was associated with the goddess Athena, and it was a symbol of higher wisdom. To the early Christian Gnostics the owl is associated with Lilith, the first wife of Adam who refused to be submissive to him. Owl Medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white." - Ted Andrews, Animal Speak book.