Black Kimono Blouse

LAKE (Kyiv, Ukraine)
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100% cotton, 100% silk
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Black kimono blouse, relaxed fit, "opened" back, made from 100% cotton and 100% silk, avaliable in black and white colors and Small Medium Large sizes

The concept of designers Natalia Kamenska and Olesya Kononova is mediation about initial time, about invariable and permanent. But it is also consideration of something that is changing irrevocably, every second. Transformation of old forms and rules of behavior. The attempt to find genuine and authentic in ourselves. The past and the future, rough and delicate, violent and gentle – the unity of opposites meet in the collection. Straight and diagonal lines are predominant in the cut. The silhouette is a little bit rough in general, but the construction is full of fine details, undercuts etc. Stylistically designers are attracted to denial of appropriateness and rightness trying to combine the “smooth” of classics with alien relax and carelessness. In KAMENSKAKONONOVA design could be retraced the concord of nature, solitude, asceticism and attributes of modern world – high-tech architecture, the beats of big cities, new technologies. Designers are devoted to an urban colour scale - palettes of black, white and red, which appeal to basic perception.