Small Blue Imperial Moth Earrings

VERNISSAGE (Milano, Italy)
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One Size
Pink Burnished Silver 925 and Blue enamel
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This handmade earrings is realised in burnished silver and enamel coating. Our jewellery craftsmen see this jewel as a piece of art. All of our creations are reproducible but never identical, just like the signs of nature. All items are made by one of the best jewellers in Italy.

Vernissage pieces are produced in Italy according to the traditional rules of fine jewellery. The collection is handmade by expert craftsmen who collaborate with one of the leading companies, Santagostino, belonging to the Corti family. Vernissage jewels want to highlight the frame of the jewel which is usually hidden. The skeleton on which decorations and stones usually lie is highlighted by a filigree of godronné and burnished gold. Each creation is hand modelled and finely carved, down to the cuts and the settings for the stones. The collection is made of unique pieces which will never be identical.