Chubby Collar Net Dress

MINNAPALMQVIST (Stockholm, Sweden)
£395.00€499.00, $671.00, ¥68,331.00
One Size. Length can be adjusted, please state your length preference by using the comment box during the checkout stage.
Net knit jersey: Cotton / Polyester
Collar: Naturally tanned Reindeer Leather from Sweden.
Padding: Polyester
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A boxy t-shirt dress in a chunky off white net knit jersey features a heavily padded leather collar. Sexy in its transparency, yet cool in its sporty influences, this dress is the perfect item for the confident contemporary fashion woman. A great eye catcher both worn with nothing but underwear, or layered up over your worn out favorite jeans.

This item is part of the collection "Intimately Social 9.12", which stresses the ambiguous feelings a woman can have towards her body as well as the pressure she can feel to fit into the expected norms body-wise as well as socially. The collection walks a thin line between strength and decay, lightness and weight, façade and reality, all the while showcasing femininity that balances on the edge of a nervous breakdown.