The Soul Pendant

NAMARIETTI (London, United Kingdom)
£420.00€530.00, $715.00, ¥72,580.00
Hoop Diameter: 25 cm / 9.8 in
Head Hole Circumference: 60 cm / 23.6 in
Full Length: 76 cm / 30.0 in
100% Silk
Purpleheart Wood
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Exploring the Universal Feminine Principle, The Soul Pendant is from a unique collection of hand-crafted bodywear/ ornamental accessories. Each extraordinary sculpture piece, representing one of 6 'Elements of Creation' – Mind, Heart, Soul, Womb, Feminine & Masculine – can be worn as a neckwear accessory or hung as an ornamental feature in the home. The collection is made up of a series of wooden hoops representing the eternal cycles of nature. Combined in this item, a silk river flows from a large wooden hoop representing the soul. Each item in this collection is entirely unique and cannot be replicated.

Known by Native Americans for its healing and spiritual properties; Purpleheart is an exotic and extraordinary wood, sourced from South America, that naturally turns a deep purple colour when exposed to light. Wood components have been specially hand-crafted by Zhak Rietti and intricately combined with Namarietti’s signature sculpted silks. These silks are hand-spun in India and are named Aleena Silk (Arabic for paradise).