Apotropaic Eggs Necklace

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10 x 7 X 0.5 cm / 3.9 x 2.8 x 0.2 in
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Inkjet prints on silk are combined with industrial chemical cut steel and haute couture tailoring techniques to create this unique, geometric necklace. This piece is the result of research between the manuality and the use of tecnologies. Different scientific disciplines such as philosophy, anthropology and photography let us experience a new material culture between old techniques (haute couture sartorialist tecniques) and advanced tecnologies (digital prints on silk, chemical cut steel and laser cut plexiglass). This was a complex design project that centred around the research of the woman's body and the comunicative capacity of the jewellery that one wears. Made to Order. Please allow a little extra time for delivery.

This symbol evokes feelings of things in unpredictable ways. Its presence in the jewel shows the relationship between the poetic and visionary elements. Reaction Poétique explores the reactions between jewellery and the body, others and the space around us.