Lethe Sleeveless Dress

DIGITARIA (Athens, Greece)
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100% Wool
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Grey, asymmetrical sleeveless dress made with a lightweight herringbone weave wool, featuring exaggerated length in the shoulders and a long triangular drape on both sides. This garment is made of a single pattern piece cut on the bias, is faced on the sleeves and neckline and is sewn along the centre back. It is a slip-on dress with a comfortable, loose fit.

With the A/W 2012 collection, Digitaria seeks the actual experience behind objects that are being exhibited. It describes an environment where the impossibility of bringing back the past makes its loss even stronger and creates a permanent slippage between memory and the lack of it. Thus, Digitaria indicates a zone where the usual polar distinctions collapse. Both Lethe and Mnemosyne superimpose the immateriality of images onto the materiality of objects and shapes that remain uncovered.