Oxalis Epaulette

METHODOLOGY (Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
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Shoulder: 40.5 cm / 16 in
Upcycled Lambskin Leather
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Hong Kong S.A.R., China
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A handmade upcycled wool and leather epaulette with golden colour studs. This is the perfect statement accessory to turn your ordinary outfit day look into extraordinary evening look. Pair it with a simple jumper, T-shirt or vest. With sustainability in mind, this piece is made from 95% upcycled materials.

This sustainable collection is inspired by the cubism concept and paintings. Cubism suggests to break objects apart and rebuild them from different perspectives. We say we can take designs apart and restructure them in other totally different styles to reach a sustainable purpose. More than 50% of materials in this collection are upcycled, and over 30% are organic fabrics. With a particular cut and design technique, Methodology celebrates the end of mass consumption and designs pieces with long-lasting ways to wear and use.