The Twisted Neck Piece

CHARLOTTE_VALKENIERS (London, United Kingdom)
£528.00€667.00, $896.00, ¥91,250.00
Inside Diameter: 20 cm / 7.9 in
Outside Diameter: 29 cm / 11.4 in
Nappa Leather
Rhodium-Plated Brass
Swarovski Elements
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United Kingdom
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This neck piece is an intricate piece made of braided and twisted leather and comes with a magnetic clasp that is integrated within the metal elements on the leather. The clasp has small Swarovski stones encrusted around the rim. All pieces are handmade in my London based studio. Made to Order. Please allow a little extra time for delivery.

Picture the unseen; deep belligerence that cascades over the humid African wilderness at nightfall, where twinkling light has travelled light-years through the unfathomable abyss that is space. This is the eerie scene that has become the catalyst for Charlotte Valkeniers SS13 tribal influenced jewellery collection.

 As a dazzling continuation from her previous season’s leathered, twisted and knotted enchantments, this collection perseveres with the craft and leather techniques that she is recognised for. Dark tones with the surcharge of Swarovski Elements create an intense contrast of texture and shape. This ethnic assemblage has a contemporary twist with strong, stiff and rigid silhouettes.

 These decadent crystalline pieces are a clear progression in Charlotte’s work; her luna and cosmic influence can be glimpsed within this elegant, dramatic and contemporary collection.