Rio necklace

HARAKIRI (Montreal, Canada)
£130.00€164.00, $221.00, ¥22,487.00
One Size - 18 inches
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Natural Clear Crystal Points
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A natural insect head, cast in solid 925 sterling silver. This peculiar thorny creature has three implanted clear crystal points on top, adding dimension and light to this singular necklace. The cable chain is 18 inches in 925 sterling silver. This piece is hand made and unique.

Keys of a lost paradise or a well earned hell? Life, love and death seems inseparable, I want to celebrate something that once lived and passed on. An attempt to catch the fleeting beauty of life. Out of sometimes cruel silhouettes, my creations transfer expressions of a soft aggressiveness, but always reveals itself soothing on the skin, like their vibrations could insufflate an elusive energy, reminding us the magic from which we all descend.