Thorns Collar Neck Piece

MARIO_SALVUCCI (Foligno , Italy)
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Neck Size (Adjustable): 33-36 cm / 13-14 in
100% Recycled Sterling Silver
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This strong collar inspired by the shape of thorns is made in 100% recycled sterling silver. Handmade in Italy and coloured with a natural process of oxidation done with sulphur that, besides purifying, produces unique colours that are never the same. The collar is adjustable for a neck size of 33-36 cm / 13-14 in. Larger sizes can be requested. Please state your measurements by using the Comment Box during Checkout.

We all need Protection in times like these! This necklace is part of a capsule collection named Protection which is a triptych of three amulets to wear together or separately: Thorns Collar, Devil Fish and Bird Skull. The Thorns Collar is the ultimate symbol of protection. In making it I got inspiration from medieval armours and a crown of thorns.