Caipora Collar Neck Piece

ANDY_LIFSCHUTZ (New York, United States)
£395.00€499.00, $669.00, ¥68,380.00
One Size
100% Reclaimed Yellow Bronze
Tarnish Resistant Silicate Additive
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United States
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Hand made from reclaimed yellow bronze in New York, the Caipora Collar from the 'Le Havre' collection takes its origin from a deconstructed 1920s leather handbag. This piece can be comfortably worn in 5 different ways, as headwear and jewellery. This piece is made to one size but can be easily adjusted by tightening or spreading the opening.

This piece can accompany you on the high street in heels. The collar also shows nicely under a leather neckline. The weight of the piece has been intentionally distributed evenly to offer a comfortable fit.