Carved Onyx Skull Ring

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mm: 51 / 52 / 53
9K White Gold
Black Onyx Stone
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This unisex talismanic ring is hand carved in our own atelier in Rome. The "Vanities" is one of Bernard Delettrez's most favoured themes of inspiration. This uniquely designed piece of jewellery appears to have dropped straight from the private dressing room of Edgar Allan Poe or from the imaginary cabinet of a Tim Burton movie character... yet always with a hint of Man Ray's surrealism.

Experimenting with a variety of materials, playing with structures and always exploring new carving techniques, this uniquely designed ring presents Bernard Delettrez at his finest and doing what he does best. Hand carved in our atelier in Rome, this talismanic ring is a sheer symbol of cosmopolitan elegance “à la Delettrez".