San Bernardo Coat

RUIZGALAN (Madrid, Spain)
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US: 40
100% Polyester
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The San Bernardo Coat is made utilising the technique of digital printing by sublimation. The print is made using a photograph of a wall on San Bernardo Street in Madrid. The San Vicente raincoat is innovative and unique and is made with high quality stitching.

Architectural shapes, unexpected volumes, pleated fabrics, unstructured silhouettes. Ruizgalan places himself in a group of designers that understand fashion as an experimental activity in a visual/sculptural sense. In this case, Urbe takes its inspiration from the atmosphere of European capitals. Walking in Madrid, the designer sketched a collection divided in two different parts. The first part, using a grey palette, was inspired by abstractions from several urban elements. In the second half, colour is introduced, with chromatic combinations born in the most unexpected places: building works, insulating foam, plaster, rubble, walls damaged by time and scaffoldings create amazing copper-coloured shades, naif turquoise blue nuances and bright orange sparkles. After these fragments from the real world, Urbe ends with a picture of positivity: a cocoon outfit that shows the light coming in through the gaps of a half-closed blind. The graphic works of Urbe by Ruizgalan are inspired by the fusion of two elements: photographs of Madrid and patterns from the collection, emphasising the importance and beauty of the creative process and must be considered as autonomous works with an artistic language related to the fields of design, architecture and painting.