Triangle and Square Lucite Necklace

BRIANNA_FANO (New York City, United States)
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Hang: 46cm / 18in
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Large triangular and square Lucite shapes hanging on a brass 'bike' chain and multi-coloured nylon rope with brass marine closure. This necklace makes a contrasting statement of hard and soft, sharp and curved.

I was really inspired by the children's book Animalia by Graeme Base. The narrative got me thinking about how children can be so entertained with things that might be out of this world but in reality so simple. Knowing myself and my love for all things silly, I found the following alliteration within the book and felt instantly captivated "Meticulous Mice Monitoring mysterious mathematical messages". I then spent a lot of time really understanding the illustrations in the book and drew a lot of my inspiration from the shapes used and how one can find simplicity within intricacies. Patterns in snake and alligator scales, bricks, building blocks, the shapes within a butterfly's wing and so many other details within this book became the foundation for this collection.