Ulna Head Piece

DINU_BODICIU (London, United Kingdom)
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This head piece is made in Sinamay with Sinamay Binding in navy, the piece is very light and easy to wear. For a perfect look, wear with a long simple gown.

“…Madame de … is somebody I have met so many times before; she is very special and unique…” “… I guess she never likes to be expected, she likes to surprise…” “… I never asked myself where she lives but I am sure she is a wealthy person (that I can tell by her clothes)…” “… each time I met her she was polished…” “… although she has a very cold appearance I believe she is a kind person…” “… I never met somebody so lonely…” “… I love her style and her attitude. She is upstanding as no one I’ve seen before…” “… I always met her by myself actually, never with some friends. I wander if she has friends…”