Praying Mantis Necklace

MARIO_SALVUCCI (Foligno , Italy)
£325.00€411.00, $553.00, ¥56,163.00
Praying Mantis: 19 x 8cm / 7.5 x 3.2in
Brazilian Agate: 4 x 1cm / 1.6 x 0.4in
Chain Length: 20cm / 8in
Sterling Silver 925
Brazilian Agate
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The Praying Mantis is a spectacular oxidised sterling silver necklace with Brazilian agate. One of a kind, it is refinished, bent and signed by my hands. Coloured with a natural process of oxidation using sulphur that, besides purifying, produces unique colours that are never the same.

Nature that creates art, art that creates nature. I want my work to be an invite to look around and observe nature to love, respect and protect her. Each incredible creature is original and unique like nature.