Icy Wind Sweater Dress - Grey

TA_STE (Berlin, Germany)
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90% Cotton
10% Polyester
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This oversized sweater from the Cortex collection by Ta-ste is made of a heavy cotton jersey. Two pockets are integrated into the futuristic lines of the dress. These pockets and the voluminous shawl collar give the sweater a futuristic look. The warm and cosy jersey material is especially suitable for cold winter days. Care instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius.

Winterly forest in autumn; icy winds let the leaves dance; the birches' skin lightly glimmers. Tender as the treetops in the winds and strong as the trunks, the momentous heart – Cortex. A collection inspired by the gracious strength of the white trees and the falling leaves of the season. Printed silks, autumnal shades and icy lustre create the mood. The futuristic cuts are combined with classical and elegant silhouettes made from the finest materials.