Falling Cape Coat

MINNAPALMQVIST (Stockholm, Sweden)
£350.00€443.00, $596.00, ¥60,484.00
Main: 80% Wool, 20% Polyester
Lining: Polyester
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This asymmetric wool coat is a hybrid between a strictly cut jacket and a generous cape. The extra collar lapel cape detail creates the illusion of a jacket about to fall off your right shoulder. There is a chest pocket at the front of the cape and a side pocket at the left jacket side seam.

This item is part of the collection Intimately Social, which stresses the ambiguous feelings a woman can have towards her body as well as the pressure she can feel to fit into the expected norms body-wise as well as socially. The collection walks a thin line between strength and decay, lightness and weight, façade and reality, all the while showcasing femininity that balances on the edge of a nervous breakdown.