Magic Bean Pendant Necklace

RAW_TASTE (Montreal, Canada)
£115.00€145.00, $195.00, ¥19,890.00
Chain Length: 81.3 cm / 32 in
Pendant: 5.1 cm / 2 in
925 Sterling Silver
Grade AAA Moonstone
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This recycled 925 sterling silver and moonstone pendant was made in my studio in Montreal. The yoni symbols found within this piece represent the mystery of womanly pleasure.

A friend asked me to collaborate with her for her high-end clothing line for women. Her feminist tone inspired me to go all out and create pieces that reflected the female version of the phallic symbol (called yoni). Puzzled for weeks trying to find a way to emulate the unique skin textures, I went on a road-trip to seek nature for inspiration. It was a warm autumn day by the lake. Looking between the cracks of the dock, a dried knot was asking to be found. I had finally found the centre piece to build my next collection around.