Metallic Turquoise Leather Clutch

DORAMOJZES (London, United Kingdom)
£220.00€279.00, $375.00, ¥38,091.00
Width: 42 cm / 16.5 in
Height: 15 cm / 5.9 in
Depth: 4 cm / 1.6 in
Main (Metallic Turquoise): Goat Leather
Lining: Leather
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This metallic turquoise goat leather clutch is finished with patent leather strap details. Fully lined in black leather, the bag fastens with a two-way zip along the top. The front and back feature the same design.

The collection was inspired by the Rolling Stones wives, whose attitudes, love stories and style defined 70's hedonism. Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall and Jo Wood have inspired hit songs and belonged to the decadent circle of socialites who, in the years following 1968, connected the rebel rock 'n' rollers with the liberal upper class and the most exciting players of the visual art scene. They danced with Grace Jones, sipped champagne with Warhol and Capote in Studio 54 or Club Sept, but were also frequent dinner guests at the tables of de Beauvoir and Sartre, and visitors in the atelier of Dali - They weren't in it for the 15 minutes of fame, but carved out a bigger piece of the pie being themselves singers, actresses, models and civil rights activists alongside their rock icon husbands. Their grace and lifestyle still has a magnetic attraction on men and women worldwide. The message of the collection is about this archetype of a woman, crossing starfucker glamour and the 'not trying to please' free-thinking individuality – the self-made, talented femme fatale. A special feature this season is an accessories counterpart collection designed in collaboration with Mrs. Herskin. The design ethos of both brands is very similar and it has been a very fruitful working relationship that rounds up the apparel pieces nicely. The main fabric of both the apparel and accessories is a printed woven cotton that comes in three colourways: brown, blue and purple hues. This then is combined with leather for a signature Dóra Mojzes look.