Ayame Butterfly Earrings

HAREMROYAL (Belgrade, Serbia)
£280.00€354.00, $477.00, ¥48,441.00
8.5 x 18.5 cm / 3.3 x 7.3 in
Silver plated and white filigree
Brass Screws and Bolts
Surgical Steel Ear Hooks
Red Fox genuine fur and claws
Laminated Parthenos Sylvia Bangkaiensis Cicada Wings
Laminated Hueschy Cicada Wings
African Porcupine Quills
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Extravagant earrings are an original interpretation of traditional Japanese needle shaped hair ornaments called kanzashi. This statement piece is radiant and flamboyant, as well as rich in colour and materials. Its delicate beauty echoes Oriental exoticism and introduces the new vision of a contemporary aesthetic. The piece is articulated so you can slide the two front blades gently to create a different look or release your adornment into a weapon. AYAME Butterfly Kanzashi Long Dangle Earrings comes with luxury packaging to flatter. Harem Royal adornments are tucked in soft plush and safely protected inside a premium black box, which is wrapped with satin ribbon already presented like a perfect gift. Bearing the gold stamped Harem Royal logo, our boxes are of the highest quality and hand crafted with utmost precision.

I am interested in moments of transformation within precious objects that are bridging the gaps between who we are when we are vulnerable and who we are when we are unbreakable. Fascination with nature as a source of complexity, curiosity and cruelty, as well as its fragility and sublime beauty is conveyed in analytical, intimate and expressive art form. Each of these approaches is completely embodied in jewellery collections creating both the fetish and artefact, portraying the shadow creatures that inhabit this space. The creatures are transformed and given a new life as the objects of astonishment.