SADAK's current collection, SS-2011 "I'm a good socialist" began in 1960s Ex-Yugoslavia but has developed both thematically and aesthetically into the future. Influenced by Kovacevic's various cultural experiences, he is able to abstract and meld elements of past, present and future. "I'm a good socialist" illustrates SADAK's fascination with mysticism, fantasy and science fiction. The clothes are cinematic. The use of sharp metallic colors, transformable jackets, and geometrical shapes allude to the future while the use and eventual restructuring of traditional costume patterns alludes to the past. Although SADAK is concerned with both the past and the future, the clothes always return to the present through the natural poetry and shape of the body. There is movement in both the clothes themselves and the bodies that inhabit them. The various and ever-changing layers of the clothes lend themselves to both movement as well as sculpture. SADAK always offers elements of surprise and the idea of illusion is an overarching theme in "I'm a good socialist". Playing with ambiguity of pattern, shape, and aesthetic reference while maintaining roots in a specific historical, social, and traditional context defines the creative vision of SADAK. photos:Daniel Bolliger- Samo Models: PAUL@IZAIO ISABELLA@IZAIO SAVANNA@IZAIO MARLENE@IZAIO HUINAN@IZAIO and Justin F.Kennedy,Ramon Tamot


About the Designer

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Sasa is based in Berlin, Germany. He studied at Kunsthochschule-Berlin and graduated in 2010. His collections are produced in Germany.

The most important message SADAK wants to communicate is: pride in individuality
The clothing is innovative and unique, while still incorporating distinctive elements from a variety of preceding periods and ethnic cultures. The various inspirations for the collections are essentially what makes them so superior in character. It’s not only the collection as a whole that comes with a motive, it’s the individual works themselves.