ONLY TIME WILL TELL looks as the physics of ‘time’, and focuses on the concept that time has no absolute existence, and therefore no beginning or end, no boundaries and no defined direction. This has informed a collection of combined back to front and forward facing tailored garments, distorted from the norm. An all black colour palette represents times inability to accept the illusion of reality and therefore the illusion of light and colour.

About the Designer


Rose is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at Birmingham City University and graduated in 2011.

I have recently graduated from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, with a First Class Honours degree in fashion design - womenswear, and am currently seeking employment within the fashion industry. I am a hardworking, reliable and enthusiastic individual who is looking to explore and develop all areas of fashion design to my optimum potential; expanding upon the skills and knowledge gained through my course and work experience to date.