If the Endless Summer collection was a woman, she would exude an aura of mystery. In her modest shape she would conceal a bit rebellious soul. Whenever starting a conversation she would gather around her men unavailable to other women. Whenever asked about her age, she would remain silent, smiling subtly. Her scent, though delicate, could never be forgotten. When met years after, though unchanged, she would still be stylish. This is what E.S. would be like: ageless, sensuous, mysterious and intriguing but at the same time modest and caring for each and every detail of herself. Roboty Ręczne summer collection is the answer to the unpredictability of Polish summer. Simple forms conjured out of obscenely good quality yarn, uncomplicated design and a particular attention to detail are the collection’s prominent features. The sense of touch will be satiated with the coolness of smooth cotton and the soft warmth of merino wool. Uncovered surfaces will frame the body’s most beautiful details. The swoosh of gauzily dancing short skirts will blow in nice childhood memories. The atmosphere will be fueled by contrasts of silk and chiffon against woolen cuffs. Massive accessories will anchor gauzy and delicate knits. The collection is created not to let summer ever end.

About the Designer


Marta is based in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw and graduated in 2009. Her collections are produced in Poland.

RR is a polish brand founded in 2009 by Marta Iwanina.
It bases on the timeless idea of hand knitting, complemented by modern sense of design.
RR exists thanks to knitwear loving mum, gifted grannies and Marta's designs.
When she studied in Finland winter was terribly cold. Since she remembers her mum always delivered pieces of unique and warm knitwear to her.
After a great experience of internship in Tom Dixon studio in London, Marta decided to start her own brand in Poland.
Thanks to many abroad publications and clients from all over the world her 'big knitted dream' is coming true.