photos by Ekaterina Bazhenova


About the Designer


Panika is based in Moscow, Russia. She studied at BA in Fashion design at Omsk Design School (OGIS - Omsk State University of Service), Omsk, Russia. Her collections are produced in Russia.

The name of the brand is a play on words CHANGING PLACES - illustrates the concept. It is based on the idea that only taking each others places the things can acquire new qualities that unite them, reveal their true meanings, and show their wholesomeness and freedom.
Life equals constant change, that creates new quality. It is a performance.
POMESTAYMENYAMI is an artistic label, that functions as a performance.
The repetitiveness of the seasonal collections is unattractive as a "regular sex". The POMESTAYMENYAMI collection is created according to an inner code of honesty. Collections from POMESTAYMENYAMI are made not according to the calendar seasons. Every collection is a small project (as a chapter in a novel) with the debates on the costume's contemporary concept, its social role and individual’s interaction.