About the Designer

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Shell is based in New York, United States. Her collections are produced in United States.

S. Weinz, lead designer and founder of Pearls b4 SWNZ, was born in Seoul, Korea but raised was Arizona and made her way to New York City as a for-hire bridal, costume, and prop designer. Her multifaceted background and experiences allow S. Weinz to follow her intuition and take risks with her designs and Pearls b4 SWNZ continues to move into new directions with each piece she completes. S. Weinz’ accessories line is full of one-of-a-kind ‘statement pieces,’ which are meticulously handcrafted with mixed metals and vintage precious/semi-precious stones. Due to the fabrication process each piece can be replicated in similar nature; however, no two pieces are identical. She reworks, recycles and transforms unexpected materials into distinct accessories and alluring stylist props. S. Weinz’ motto is to never limit herself and to bring fashion into a realm that is both elevated but attainable and appreciated by those who can see true beauty in the unusual.
Jeter des perles aux pourceaux: Things should be put in front of people who appreciate their value.
For inquiries on wholesale or retail, contact Shell Weinz by phone 602.575.6750 or email: