‚El Alba’ captures an elusive moment in time on the sands of exotic and forgotten shores.The sun begins to rise on
a 1920s era Brighton Beach and transforms the coast into a 1965 San Franciscan shore in Mexico. The glimmering sunlight touches the crests of waves and the folds of golden dresses that adorn beautiful creatures dancing on the sand. Alluring goddesses sway in the early morning, shimmering swimwear shining through sheer kaftans. The MOGA E MAGO woman journeys from the darkness of night into the early morning light adorned in the SS13 collection. Sophisticatedly decorated dresses, blouses, kaftans and capes, signature leather chain dresses, luxury swimwear and sandals accompany her. Every intricate design is beautifully hand crafted using fine materials and decadent embroidery. MOGA E MAGO again crystallize their unique design philosophy with this new collection.The collection merges memories of past moments and the anticipation of places beyond the Earth into a new feeling of time and space. Photography Ralf Schmerberg.

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Moga E Mago is based in Berlin, Germany. His collections are produced in Germany.

MOGA E MAGO: Rebellion and Magic.
Tactile luxury goods of enormously high artistic value transport sacral glory.
The Rebel and the magician create excentric insignia for icons. MOGA E MAGO are Elisa Lindenberg and Tobias Noventa.
Her insergent hunger for new shapes and his contemplative constructivism expand our reality applying riskily progressive esthetics.
They both met 2007 in the most creative underground of the eternal city Rome. Elisa Lindenberg studied fashion design at the Istituto Europeo di Design there. Tobias Noventa after studying decoration at the Accademia di Belle Arti was one of the creative heads of the designteam behind italian fashion brand Miss Sixty.
Magically inspired by the city’s morbid decadence they came to forward- thinking Berlin to found MOGA E MAGO in 2010.
MOGA E MAGO’s esthetics manifest the gorgeousness of ephemeral, psychedelic worlds. Brightly coloured Furs, as well as metal-laminated leathers are their medium to project visions from the duo’s inner screen into the frame of reality rendering thus the literally blinding explosions of colour and light of bespoke worlds visually touchable for everyone.
MOGA E MAGO’s collections of unique quality and perfection in handicraft take modern icons through our 21st century od(d)yssee.