Inspired by the clolours of ancient buildings and monument this collection lives of red, grey and offwhites. The breezy blouses, skirts and trousers are perfect alldayers that keep a woman company throughout a workingday anf still let her look stylish and fresh after work. Floating cotton and silk highlight the female body and play with transparent details.

About the Designer

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Christiane is based in Berlin, Germany. Her collections are produced in Germany.

Christiane Milde studied fashion design at the Brigitte Kehrer Schule. During her studies and work on fashion shool sustainable and green fashion was already a big theme to Christiane and she started networking in this area. After graduation Christiane moved to Berlin and collected working experience. In 2011 she founded the label “Milde” and parallel to the work on the label she started to cooperate with other young creative folks like the regisseur Esther Löwe and her project “Mary Go Round”, the vegan electronic-pop band “Notic Nastic” and the Newcomer Band “Take Berlin”.
Milde creates beautifull and simple feminin looks with high quality organic fabrics and transfers the green revolution into aesthetically progressive ideas and beautifully simple looks. The berlin-based label is part of the new Eco Fashion Generation and enhances the beginning of a new era, in which the fashion world embraces a new spirit. Milde exclusively uses high-quality fair trade fabrics and organic materials, collects Vintage items. Milde ist he connection of highquality materials, fair working-conditions and beautifully feminin shapes.